I studied applied engineering and got my Master in Science degree in 2013. Today I am a Web developer working for madewithlove. I try to practise my speaking skills at meetups and conferences because I believe preparing a slide deck is the best way to thoroughly get to know a subject.

Besides work I love to organise meetups and conferences. I organise meetups for MongoDB Belgium and grew a community of 340+ members so far. I also organised an occasional LaravelPHP summer meetup in July 2014. Since then I also run the php.gent meetup group. In the past I have created Ghendetta together with some friends. I also love to contribute to open source projects in PHP and a little bit of Node.js.

In the rest of my free time I like to spend with friends and family to eat and drink beers. To keep in shape I like to do sports: wall/rock climbing and marathon running.


Hannes Van De Vreken

Working as a web developer. On his blog he writes about things he learned while experimenting with tools he might use to speed up his development.

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